Wanted: J2ME Version of Google Calendar

The fine folks at Google recently announced:

You can now access your Google Calendar account from your mobile phone! Just visit mobile.google.com/calendar/ with your phone’s web browser and once you’re logged in, you’ll see your list of upcoming events with date and time information in an easy-to-browse format.

This is great!

However, what’d I’d really appreciate for my BlackBerry is a J2ME version of Google Calendar.

Since Google already delivers a J2ME version of GMail for my BlackBerry, I hope that the J2ME version of Google Calendar isn’t too far away …


4 responses to “Wanted: J2ME Version of Google Calendar”

  1. Sean Bannister says :

    Yes I want this as well, J2ME Google Calendar would be great. I used gcalsync to sync my events to my phone but it doesnt seem to sync all my events.

  2. Barak says :

    you might want to check out Snaptu — it’s a j2me app that contains Google Calendar among other goodies.

  3. Jappit says :

    Hi Ian,

    a J2ME Google Calendar client is available here too:



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