Google & Jott: A Natural Fit

The first time I wrote about Jott, I stated:

I expect Jott to be an excellent acquisition target for the likes of Google …

And for those who like to have everything integrated, Jott would have much more value if it was a part of some existing solution like Google Office (GMail + Google Docs & Spreadsheets).

Just over four months later, it’s clear that Google’s interested in voice:

  • Google Voice Local Search (GVLS) is available from Google Labs
  • Google Phone is getting attention and it doesn’t even exist – or does it?
  • GoogleTalk is a natural target for voice-enablement along the lines of Skype and a host of others …

Given this interest, and the current state of GVLS, there are clearly some synergies for Google with a voice-processing solution such as Jott’s.

Even if Google isn’t sold on Jott’s existing value proposition, Jott’s voice-to-text capabilities are of significant value on their own to make acquisition attractive.


One response to “Google & Jott: A Natural Fit”

  1. noactive says :

    Google & Jott: A Natural Fit .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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